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Volume XV - 1979
Morrison Heckscher Lock and Copland: A Catalogue of the Engraved Ornament
Nancy Goyne Evans A History and Background of English Windsor Furniture
Virginia Glenn George Bullock, Richard Bridgens and James Watt's Regency Furnishing Schemes
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Volume XIV - 1978
David Learmont The Trinity Hall Chairs, Aberdeen
William Rieder A Gilt Gesso Set of Furniture Traditionally from Stowe
Geoffrey de Bellaigue The Waterloo Elm
Peter Brears The York Spinning Wheel Makers
Pat Kirkham Recollections of Furniture Makers: Labour History, Oral History and Furniture Studies
Simon Redburn John McLean and Son
Thomas Crispin English Windsor Chairs: A Study of Known Makers and Regional Centres
Derrick Worsdale Later Neo-Classical Florentine Furniture at Palazzo Pitti
Margaret Swain The State Beds at Holyroodhouse
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Volume XIII - 1977
Penelope Eames Furniture in England, France and the Netherlands from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century
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Volume XII - 1976
Pauline Agius English Chairmakers Listed in General and Trade Directories, 1790-1851
Gabriel Olive Furniture in a West Country Parish 1576-1769
Anthony Wells-Cole Oak Furniture in Dorset: Some Introductory Thoughts
Christopher Hutchinson George Reynoldson, Upholsterer of York, fl. 1716-1764
Christopher Gilbert Wright and Elwick of Wakefield, 1748-1824: a Study of Provincial Patronage
Ivan Hall Jeremiah and Joseph Hargrave of Hull; Architects, Carvers, Furniture Makers
Karin Walton Eighteenth-century Cabinet-Making in Bristol
Robert Williams A Cambridge Family of Furniture Makers and the Furnishing of the Master's Lodge Trinity College, Cambridge, 1795-1820
Ivan Sparkes A Checklist of Books and Articles in Periodicals on Rural Chairs, the Windsor Chair and Chairmaking
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Volume XI - 1975
Nicholas Goodison The Victoria and Albert Museum's Collection of Metal-Work Pattern Books
Geoffrey Beard Babel's 'A New Book of Ornaments', 1752
Christopher Gilbert The Early Furniture Designs of Matthias Darly
Helena Hayward Newly Discovered Designs by Thomas Johnson
Helena Hayward Engraved Ornamental Designs after Francis Barlow
Dick Reid Thomas Pether's 'Book of Ornaments', 1883
Simon Redburn The Furniture Designs of Thomas Malton, 1775—9
Geoffrey Wills Twelve New Designs of Frames by S. H., 1779
Ivan Hall The Engravings of Thomas Chippendale, Jnr, 1779
Morrison Heckscher Eighteenth-century Rustic Furniture Designs
Terry Friedman Two Eighteenth-century Catalogues of Ornamental Pattern Books
Margaret Swain Pictorial Chair Covers: Some engraved sources
Virginia Evans Recollections of Robert W. Symonds
Colin Streeter & Margaret Barker A Bibliography of Publications by Robert Wemyss Symonds
Francis Bamford A Shetlander in St Martin's Lane, 1775
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Volume X - 1974
Penelope Eames An Iron Chest at Guildhall of about 1427
James Ayres A Carved Red Lacquer Table
Peter Thornton Some Neo-Carolean Armchairs at Ham House
Benno M. Forman "The Joyners' Company' in 1694 Christopher Gilbert The Subscribers to Chippendale's Director: A Preliminary Analysis Colin Streeter Marquetry Tables from Cobb's Workshop Nicholas Goodison An Offering to Diana Pat Kirkham The Partnership of William Ince and John Mayhew, 1759-1804 Morrison Heckscher Ince and Mayhew: Bibliographical Notes from New York Alison Kelly Furnishings from the Coade Factory in Lambeth Christopher Hutchinson The Leeds Cabinet and Chair-makers Book of Prices Edward Joy Early Nineteenth-century Invalid etc. Furniture Geoffrey Wills Thomas Willson Tom Ingram Baring Brothers: Some Furniture of a Merchant Banking House Pauline Agius Cabinet-makers Not in 'Heal', or Eighteenth- and Nineteenth- century Trade Cards of Furniture Makers in the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera John Gloag Identifying Terms and Names Simon Jervis The Pryor's bank, Fulham. Residence of Thomas Baylis Esquire F.S.A. An Illustration Of the preservation of Ancient Works by their application to Modern Purposes Simon Jervis 'Sussex' Chairs in 1820 Jill Seddon Furniture Designed by Frank Brangwyn
Francis Bamford The Schaws of Edinburgh and a Bed at Blair Castle
Peter Thornton Upholstered Evidence: or How the Members of the Furniture History Society came to assist in saving the remains of a Queen Anne Wing Chair
Robert Smith Two Portuguese Antiphonal Lecterns dated 1668 and 1770
Gervase Jackson-Stops Pre-Adam Furniture Designs at Nostell Priory
Ivan Hall Some Sources of Chippendale's Inspiration
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Volume IX - 1973
Christopher Gilbert Chippendale's Harewood Commission
Penelope Eames Inventories as Sources of Evidence for Domestic Furnishings in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
Karin Walton The Worshipful Company of Upholders of the City of London
Francis Bamford Two Scottish Wrights at Dumfries House
Hedvig Szabolsci English Influence on Hungarian Furniture at the end of the Eighteenth Century
Simon Jervis Ruskin and Furniture
Rosemarie Stratmann Design and Mechanisms in the Furniture of Jean-Francois Oeben
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Volume VIII - 1972
Geoffrey de Bellaigue & Pat Kirkham George IV and the Furnishing of Windsor Castle
Nicholas Goodison The King's Vases
Frances Buckland A Group of Bureaux Plats and the Royal Inventories
Gillian Watson Boulle
Ivan Hall French Influence at Burton Constable
Svend Eriksen Some Letters from the Marquis de Marigny to his Cabinet-maker Pierre Gamier
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Volume VII - 1971
Lindsay Boynton The Hardwick Hall Inventory of 1601
Peter Thornton A Short Commentary on the Hardwick Inventory of 1601
Penelope Eames Documentary Evidence Concerning the Character and Use of Domestic Furnishings in England in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
Peter Thornton Two Problems
Pauline Agius Late Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-century Furniture in Oxford
William Goodman Some Elizabethan Woodworkers and their Tools
Benno Forman Continental Furniture Craftsmen in London: 1511-1625
Gervase Jackson-Stops William III and French Furniture
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Volume VI - 1970
Nicholas Goodison & John Hardy Gillows at Tatton Park
Christopher Gilbert John Planta of Fulneck, Yorkshire (fl. c. 1798-1824)
Simon Jervis Holland and Sons, and the Furnishing of The Athenaeum
Edward Joy The Overseas Trade in Furniture in the Nineteenth Century
Felicity Mallet Miles and Edwards of London
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