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c.1700 / Cabinet, John Byfield ©V&A Museum
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Furniture History, the journal of the Furniture History Society, is an extensively illustrated scholarly journal issued annually to members.

It is the only journal devoted to the history of furniture from all parts of the world and is internationally recognised as authoritative.

Subjects range from the work of individual makers and designers to aspects of interior decoration, domestic economy and trade practice. Contributions have been made by the leading scholars in the field. From time to time, single issues are devoted to individual subjects or notable articles published in special editions. Potential contributors should contact our Hon. Editor in the first instance via,

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Volume LVII - 2021

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Amy Lim The Furniture Patronage of Elizabeth Seymour (nee Percy), Duchess of Somerset, 1667-1722
Nicola Gentle Revealing Textiles on Some Upholstered Furniture, c. 1700
Maria da Conceicao Borges de Sousa Framing Water: an outstanding washbasin in Lisbon
Michael Shrive Conflated Couches: two sets of sofas from Carlton House
Ulrich Leben Riesener and the Rothschilds
Adam Bowett George Shaw, Rogue Antiquary: fake furniture for the Earl of Derby and the Duke of Northumberland
Richard Mason 'A very cabinet picture of an interior in ye olden times': the Duke's Rooms, Warkworth Castle
Michael Burden An Australian Twin by Any Other Name: the convict-made Warden's Chair at New College, Oxford
Simon Spier Between the Museum and the Market: John Hungerford Pollen (1820-1902) and antique furniture, with special reference to his work at the South Kensington Museum
Nicholas Onegin From London to St Petersburg: the Howard and Sons furniture designs at the State Hermitage Museum
Courtney Harris Patrons, Period Rooms, and the Museum: the French Salon at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston