c.1705 / Console Table, Andre-Charles Boulle ©Wallace Collection
early career development

In 2012 the Grants Committee, as a new initiative, began to run a successful programme of free early evening study sessions at museums, galleries and auction houses offering the close inspection and discussion of furniture in an informal setting.

These sessions, primarily taking place in London, are intended for those considered to be at an early stage of their career development (junior museum/heritage curators and conservators, MA/PhD students and young professionals in the trade) unless otherwise shown in the details of the event.

Recent events have included:

  • A programme of six workshops held on furniture making techniques and materials, including sessions on joinery, marquetry and how to recognise woods, the history and techniques of carving, and close-up studies and discussion of 18th century French and English furniture
  • A visit to the conservation workshops of the Royal Collection
  • A visit to Christie's to view an important collection of furniture
  • A visit to Masterpiece Fair

In New York, the Early Career Development group also offers a series of programmes and events for those who are interested in developing an interest and expertise in furniture history, interior design, conservation, and the decorative arts.

Events recently organised for the USA contingent of the ECD include:

  • A visit to the Desmarais Collection of European furniture at Christie's
  • A private tour of an exhibition of important English furniture at Doyle's
  • A visit to the 'Treasures of Chatsworth' exhibition

If you would like to be placed on the mailing list for Early Career events, please contact the FHS Grants Secretary, Jill Bace, at grants@furniturehistorysociety.org.

In the USA, please contact Catherine Doucette at ecdeventsusa@furniturehistorysociety.org.